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Our vision is by developing genuine software solutions to businesses in order to satisfy ...
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Facilitating communication technology and the ease of access to information has ...
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Aymet Software Company intends to become the leader ...

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Aymet Computers and Production Education Industry Corp.

The founders of Aymet Software team has been in the technology sector and directly involved in developing professional software programs ever since 1991.  Aymet was incorporated in the year 2000.  It aims to market its product nationally and internationally. 

Aymet design and development team is one of the most creative and technically advanced product development teams in Turkey.  Aymet team constantly adopts new and emerging technologies within a short period of time. Aymet's professional development team has developed software in the following sector: law, politics, foreign trade, CAD (Computer Aided Design), Mobile Devices (Tablets and Cell phones) Accounting and E-Business.

While many businesses struggled in the economic crises in 2000, Aymet Computers still accomplished to receive customer satisfaction and increased its sales growth.

Aymet is continuing to develop new software programs with its design and development team.    Aymet has over 250 dealerships in Turkey marketing and providing technical support to Aymet software users. 

Aymet is located in downtown Ankara, Turkey. It has been operating ever since the year 2000 in its own office.