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Aymet Accounting Solutions Enterprise


Program is extremely easy to use. All the data is entered by ENTER and ESC keys. Any additional or data that is to be updated is done through the İNSERT and DELETE keys. All the entries can either be done by using the mouse or the keyboard.

Advantages of Aymet Accounting Enterprise Solutions

• Capable of viewing more than one window at the same time

• Ability to initiate expense Center

• Ability to update foreign exchange

• Average Maturity Date Account

• Ability to view multiple menus at the same time

• Capable of working with more than one compay at the same time

• Customers and Sellers have access to enter a private note

• Capable of viewing profit / loss and profit margin end of a sale

• Online access with work – site (construction site), warehouse and branches

• Ability to track sales on the basis of Sales Reps

• You can have all the reports in foreign exchange

• Multiple price, multiple foreign currency, multiple warehouse tracking

• Barcode print, barcode creater/producer

• Ability to open number of discount fields

• Capable of accessing revenue expense, payables, receivables, inventory, cost, collections

• Capable of tracking all the purchase and sales prices

• Data export to Excel

• Capable of making any changes and provide solutions to problems in a short period of time in the program due to its parametric design/architecture and development

• Ability to customize the reports (colour, font etc.)

• Ability to provide quick reports

• Barcode device readers are capable of counting inventory automatically

• Transfers data through handheld terminal device